I’ll never forget the feeling I had in high school when we had a rock band come and visit. The buzz was incredible, and the school hall was jumping! I felt so inspired to learn an instrument that day, that I asked the music teacher if I could join the school band. Luckily he said yes! My music career had started!

In 2005, I had an idea to take quality musicians into schools and deliver an inspiring music show to children, hopefully to re-create the feeling I had back in school, all those years ago. I contacted some of the great musicians I had worked with over the years and before I knew it, OzRockStar was born!

OzRockStar are a team of professional musicians currently active in today’s music industry. We have, over the years, been involved in all aspects of music from recording and song writing, to touring and television.

Our mission is to deliver an exciting, engaging and inspiring educational music show to as many school children as possible, at an affordable cost.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can assist with your music program,

The OzRockStar Team.

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